Artists Image Resource is a print laboratory created to provide imaging resources to artists and educators. AIR’s primary purpose is to facilitate production and educational projects. Programs include production projects, educational projects, community access programs, exhibitions and events.

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Each year AIR initiates and facilitates 3 to 6 artists’ projects. air provides project engineering as well as access to facilities, equipment and workforce. Depending on funding, artists may be asked to cover materials, travel, and lodging.

Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis the more thorough the proposal the better (narrative, budget, timeframe, etc.). Materials are reviewed twice a year by air’s board of directors along with invited local and national artists and curators. Short lists are developed and artists are contacted as the shop’s schedule opens up. Materials are kept indefinitely and discussed at each review session. AIR is usually working on funding for projects two years out.

AIR facilitates projects with independent artists on a fee for service basis providing access to facilities, equipment and technical support. Various levels of support are provided depending on the nature of the project, shop schedules and available workforce. Artist projects may become independent / facilitation projects if the artist can secure adequate project funding and the shop schedule and time frame fits.

AIR provides contract printing services to artists, publishers and other organizations on a limited basis. AIR can provide consultation and project estimates for relief, intaglio, lithography, screen printing, and digital printing projects.

AIR’s basic estimate process involves pricing film and matrices for each color on a square foot of material basis. After these processing costs are calculated, a project engineering and proofing estimate is calculated. At this point a per color per impression estimate is calculated. Ballpark film per square foot costs are approx. $10 per square foot. Matrix (plate, screen, etc.) square foot costs are approx. $15 per square foot. Proofing time is billed out at $30 per hour and editioning runs generally between $5 and $25 per color per impression depending on process (relief, intaglio, litho, screen, digital), image complexity and scale. Paper costs are calculated based on choice of paper, image complexity and number of layers.


AIR supports individual educators, schools, museums, institutions and organizations by providing print and imaging equipment, instruction, facilities and technical support . Project support can include project engineering and design, technical support and access to educators, technicians, facilities and equipment as well as assistance organizing materials and supplies.
AIR staff works with educators to design relevant print and imaging projects that support the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills with a focus on teamwork and the development of strong and independent voice.

studio tours (dry): studio tours normally last for an hour or two and include a walk through the studio viewing and discussing print processes including relief, intaglio, lithography, screenprinting and digital printing. Examples of project work from air’s print archive are displayed and discussed as they relate specifically to the interests of the educator and/or the tour group.

studio tours (wet): the “wet” studio tour is the same as the “dry” studio tour described above including “wet” demonstrations of particular print processes as predetermined by the educator and/or the tour group.

single session projects: these projects are designed to provide an introduction to print processes for groups of students. Projects include one site visit that most often includes a studio tour along with hands on image processing and printing sessions. Specific content is designed with the instructor prior to the site visit.

multiple session projects: These projects are designed to support class curriculum over the course of a semester. Projects include design sessions with educators and multiple sessions with students on site. Site sessions often include studio tour orientations, artist’s talks and hands on printing activities equipment and processing support: air often processes images and creates screens that can be printed by teachers in their classrooms. AIR works with instructors to generate films and screens and provides mobile printing stations and printing equipment to facilitate printing in the classroom. Equipment is returned at the end of the printing project.


Artists Image Resource provides access to facilities and printing equipment through its community access programs. Access is scheduled based on experience. Processes include screen printing, digital printing, intaglio, lithography, and letterpress. air provides technical support in any process billed out on an hourly basis.

Community Access Programs fall into three categories and all shop activities are scheduled via email Pricing schedules can be made available upon request.

tutorials are individual learning sessions that are scheduled on a case by case basis.
If you are interested in learning how to print or if you need a refresher course to build skills, you can schedule a tutorial. TUTORIALS are 2 – 4 hour individual learning sessions (with instruction) that are scheduled on a case by case basis. These are learning sessions that provide a basic understanding of the chosen printing process and include basic materials and supplies to complete a rudimentary print. A preliminary meeting to look at images and set expectations is scheduled prior to the tutorial session. Multiple session tutorials can be scheduled to develop skills and strengthen capacities. send inquiry to

Shop rentals provide individuals and groups with access to various shop spaces to facilitate projects. If you are an experienced printer and you need shop space to execute a larger project you can schedule a shop rental. various shop spaces can be rented to facilitate projects. Shops rentals include access to printing stations or presses and basic equipment. Screens, plates, films, inks, paper and supplies can be provided and are billed out based on usage. Technical Support can be provided for a fee. Rental projects must be discussed with air staff prior to the rental and an orientation charge may be included as part of the rental depending on experience. Rentals can be for a single session or multiple sessions.

Other Services

Mobile printing: Outreach activities including small mobile printing units that allow image processing from digital image capture to screen processing and printing in the field, at virtually any site.

Studio tours: Studio tours including access to developmental materials from the air educational archive and hands on demonstrations can be scheduled.

Event rentals: Short term event rentals (one evening Tuesday – Thursday), weekend events, and longer term exhibitions can be scheduled.