Community Education Programs

For the beginner, intermediate, or experienced printer, Artists Image Resource (AIR) provides learning opportunities, access to facilities, printing equipment and services through its education and community programs.


Tutorials (general information)              

For the beginner or artist in need of a refresher —the studio offers tailored one-on-one tutorials. Tutorials are offered in various processes including relief printing (woodcuts, linocuts), intaglio (drypoint etching, monoprinting), lithography (stone and plate), letterpress, and screenprinting.

Tutorials are designed to provide a basic introductory knowledge to the process. Tutorials are responsive to individual interests and skill levels. Prior to the actual session, a meeting is scheduled to discuss interests and expectations, assess existing skills and to determine specific materials that will be needed. Multiple tutorial sessions can be scheduled to provide a deeper understanding of the chosen process.

Fee: a $125 fee includes a session with a teaching artist that lasts 2 hours (plus shop time) and includes basic instruction in the chosen process. Materials and supplies included are specific to the chosen process and determined prior to the session.


Tutorial: Silkscreen Printing (Single Session)

Instruction for silkscreen printing incudes digital imaging, hand draw films, film positive printing, photographic screen preparation, screen exposure, wash-out techniques, color mixing, two color print registration and basic printing procedures.

Materials generally include: 2 film positives, 2 photo screen exposures and screen usage for the session, 2 custom mixed ink colors, and 20 sheets of cold press poster paper. (Actual materials will be determined at preliminary meeting).

Fee: a $125 fee includes a single session with a teaching artist that lasts 2 hours (plus shop time) and includes basic instruction and materials listed above.

Tutorial: Relief Printing (Multiple Sessions)

Relief Printing tutorials are tailored to meet the needs of the learner. The first session generally includes an overview of substrates and cutting tools, how to transfer images to blocks, ink mixing, preparing paper, and basic proofing. Session Two generally includes single and multiple color printing, registration, and edition printing.

Materials include: 1 or 2 printing blocks (wood or linoleum), misc. transfer materials (carbon paper, graphite, etc.), inks, papers, clean-up materials, and supplies for multiple print sessions.

Actual materials usage will be estimated during preliminary meetings based on the number of images, the size of the images, the number of colors, and the complexity of the images to be used.

Fee: a $250 fee (two $125 sessions) provides two sessions (2  hours each plus shop time) that allow the student to access fuller instruction and technical assistance for more complicated processes or projects.

 Tutorial: Stone Lithography (Multiple Sessions)

Stone Lithography is a more complicated print process and demands at least three sessions. Tutorials are tailored to meet the needs of the learner. Session One involves processing the stone (surfacing, transferring the image, processing the image). Session two is an overview of the press, inks, and proofing. Session Three concentrates on editioning or multiple color proofing, and printing.

Materials includes access to one or more printing stones, drawing media, etching and processing acids, inks, papers, clean-up materials, and supplies for multiple print sessions. Actual materials usage will be estimated during preliminary meetings based on the number of images, the size of images, the number of colors, and the complexity of the images to be used.

Fee: a $375 fee (three $125 sessions) provides three sessions (2 hours each plus shop time).



The studio works with organizations, individuals, and groups to provide workshops for multiple people. Generally workshops may include 8 to 10 people and can be organized in any of the processes mentioned above. Workshop sessions are organized in a manner similar to the Tutorials described above but are designed for multiple participants.

Fee: $500 – $1,000 (Cost depends on the activity and number of students)