Youth Open Studio

Youth Open Studio provides direct studio access and instruction for students in Pittsburgh. Youth Open Studio is a place for teens to engage in self-initiated learning, with AIR artists and paid youth interns acting as facilitators and providing technical support. Teens not only learn techniques typically taught on the college level, but also hang out with their peers in a safe place where they can create, play, and invent new ways of expressing oneself. This program runs every Wednesday night during the school year from 4-7pm. Program is free for youth ages 11-18 yrs old.

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AIR supports individual educators, schools, museums, and community organizations by providing print and imaging equipment, instruction, and technical support. AIR staff work with educators to design relevant print and imaging projects that support the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills with a focus on teamwork and the development of strong and independent voice.

Studio Tours

Studio Tours are designed to provide an introduction to silkscreen, intaglio, relief, and lithography print processes and include a tour AIR’s studio and gallery spaces. AIR staff demonstrate one or more print processes and prints from our archive are displayed and discussed as they relate to the interests of the educator and/or the tour group.

 K-12 School Projects

These projects are designed to support class curriculum over a series of weeks. Projects include design sessions with educators and multiple sessions with students at AIR. These projects include an introduction to printmaking processes (silkscreen, intaglio, relief, and lithography, and mono-printing) and students design and create a multiple color/layer silkscreen print. AIR works with instructors to generate films and screens and provides mobile printing stations and printing equipment to facilitate printing in the classroom. Equipment is returned at the end of the printing project.


Workshops are designed to provide a hands-on introduction to printmaking for groups of students. Projects take place in AIR’s print studios and include: a studio tour, hands-on image processing, and screen printing. Specific content is designed with the instructor prior to the visit. Hands-on intaglio and relief activities can be scheduled upon request.


AIR teaching artists travel to local schools, community organizations, and events to present printmaking activities for children and adults. AIR staff work closely with educators to design an activity that meet the needs of the organization.

Mobile Printing Kits

AIR staff can bring our mobile silkscreen printing kits to schools and community organizations. These kits allow participants to learn all aspects of the photographic silkscreen process, from digital image capture to screen processing and printing in the field, at virtually any site.