Shop Rentals

Professional Artist Shop Rentals

For the experienced printmaker, AIR provides access to various shop spaces, studios, and press rooms for production work.

There are 3 screenprinting spaces, one etching pressroom and one lithography pressroom along with a number of other working spaces in the shop.

Rental pricing is organized based on studio space and equipment needed. Basic shop rentals include access to workspace, clean-up sinks, and other basic heavy equipment and working necessities. Arrangements must be made for the storage of any materials over multiple days.

Shared Shop Rental Fee: $50 per day (approx.10am to 4pm) if multiple users are in a studio or on a press, discounts can be provided for larger projects and multiple session rentals. 

Exclusive Use Rental Fee: $100 per day (approx. 10am to 4pm) provides exclusive use of a studio.


Professional Artist Shop Rental Materials

(Discount pricing per session equipment and supplies)

Fee: Film Positives: $5 for Film Positive up to 13 x 19

Fee: Film Positives: $5 per Sq Ft for larger film positives


Fee: Screens:   $10 for a 20 x 24 aluminum screen frame

Fee: Screens:   $15 for a 23 x 31 aluminum screen frame

Fee: Screens:   $10 per Sq Ft for larger screen frames


Fee: Screenprinting Supplies: $10 per Shop Rental Session.

General shop supplies including a Supply Kit for screenprinting that

includes basic printing supplies including a squeegee, a spatula,

paper towels, masking tape, registration tape, registration pins, and

hinged screen locks.


Fee: Relief, Intaglio, and Litho Supplies: $20 per Session.

General shop supplies and Kits that include access to similar

supplies described above for the specific print process being used:

brayers, rollers, blankets, blotters, etc.


Acrylic Screenprinting Inks: (SpeedBall): $12 per 16 oz.

AIR stocks acrylic screenprinting inks in 16 oz. containers (primary colors, black, and white).


Fee: Fabric Screenprinting Inks: (SpeedBall): $12 per 16 oz.

AIR stocks water based fabric screenprinting inks in 16 oz. containers (primary colors, black, and white).


Fee: Paper: AIR stocks a 100lb white cold press poster paper

(cougar) at 26” x 40” ($1.00) and 13” x 19” ($ .25).


AIR stocks a number of archival rag printmaking papers including a basic white 250 gsm paper (Stonehenge) at 22” x 30” ($2.50) and 30” x 44” ($5.00).  Other papers can be ordered upon request.