Group Rentals

The Studio organizes access to equipment and studio spaces on a per project basis for groups by appointment.

Fee: There is a $125 fee for group access plus a fee for at least one screen for printing.

The $125 fee includes 1 hour of tech support to provide a brief printing orientation for participants as well as general shop access and assistance

Fee: In order to print, participants will need and are required to purchase at least one film positive ($5.00), one photo screen exposure ($10.00) and a supply kit ($5.00). This is a $20.00 fee over and above the $125 group access fee.

This printing fee will allow for one screen that can be printed multiple times in any color on any substrate (paper, tee shirt, etc.)

Multiple screens and more tech support can be provided on a per item, per hour basis – as determined prior to the studio session. See Shop Rental materials or Open Studio pricing above for details.

Ink and substrate purchased separately.