Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Materials are reviewed twice a year by Artists Image Resource’s (AIR) board of directors along with invited local and national artists and curators. Short lists are developed and artists are contacted as the shop’s production schedule opens up. Proposal materials are kept indefinitely and discussed at each review session.

Artists Image Resource pursues specific funding for specific projects that align with the studio’s mission. The studio encourages individual artists to pursue funding on their own for projects that are identified in this category. AIR is usually working on funding for projects two years out.

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Artists Image Resource (AIR) provides contract printing services to artists, publishers, and other organizations on a limited basis. The studio can provide consultation and project estimates for relief, intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, and digital printing projects.

AIR estimates projects based on engineering and processing costs, print set up, proofing and editioning costs. Generally, for all other processes, each color printed requires some sort of film positive or mylar. AIR prices films and matrices (screens plates, etc.) based on the square foot of image. (Films are generally priced at $10 per square foot, screens are priced at $15 per square foot).

Once square foot processing costs are determined, print set up and proofing costs are estimated based on image complexity and scale. AIR prices printing time at $30 per hour to set up printing, mix color and proof. Edition printing is estimated based on a per color per impression formula.

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Artists Image Resource (AIR) facilitates projects with independent artists on a fee for service basis providing access to facilities, equipment, and technical support.  Various levels of support are provided depending on the nature of the project, shop schedules, and available workforce. Project costs are determined on a case by case basis.
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